What to do in Paris?

Geplaatst op 22-11-2023

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What to do in Paris? Better to say, what is there not to do in Paris! There is a lot to do in Paris, the beautiful city is ideal for a city trip of a few days or if you want to do it more leisurely, spend a week. Paris has a rich history of culture, art, architecture, catering and there are a number of beautiful city parks. In short, more than enough to do. To choose from the extensive range of activities in Paris, it certainly doesn't hurt to ask yourself: What to do in Paris?

What to do in Paris?
Paris has a number of world-famous monuments that are definitely worth a visit. This could include a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Sacré-Coeur and a boat trip on the Seine. In addition to world-famous moments, Paris also has a number of world-famous museums, such as the Louvre, Muséé d'Orsay and the Center Pompidou. If you are less interested in visiting monuments and museums and are still wondering: What to do in Paris? There are plenty of other alternatives: Paris has a number of fantastic city parks, of which Jardin du Luxembourg is the well-known one. A city walk through the picturesque Montmarte district is recommended for many and the shopping street Champs-Élysees provides many with pleasure during their visit to Paris. An organized bike tour through Paris is also great fun. If you are still thinking, what to do in Paris? Then a visit to the Paris Catacombs could be a surprising and out of the box activity for you.

Catacombs Paris
The French name of Catacombs Paris is Catacombes de Paris. The Paris catacombs are a somewhat gruesome and therefore exciting attraction in Paris. The Paris Catacombs are underground cemeteries in the old limestone quarry in the center of Paris. The cemeteries date from the eighteenth century. Impressive works of art have been created using the bones of more than 6 million unknown Parisians. The Paris Catacombs are located 25 meters below the city and cover a length of more than 2 kilometers. If you are looking for a non-standard and adventurous sight, the Paris Catacombs could be an interesting option for you.