The best highlights in Naples

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Are you going on a holiday or city trip to Naples soon? The city of Napoli as the Italians call Naples, or in English Naples is an Italian city with many surprising sights. You don't want to miss the following four attractions and activities during your Naples city trip.

Napoli Sotterranea

Naples' most surprising activity is underground, also known as Naples Underground or Napoli Sotterranea. Beneath the city of Naples, there is a whole system of passages, caves and cellars that originated even with the ancient Greeks and Romans. Years later, these were the main air raid shelters during the Second World War. In the center of the old town you will find the most beautiful underground part, namely Napoli Sotterranea, but you can also visit the Galleria Borbonica near Piazza del Plebiscito. This is the Bourbon tunnel which was an underground shelter from the Royal Palace of Naples.


Pompeii was an important city in Roman times and became known for the destruction of the Vesuvius volcano, Monte Vesuvio. In AD 79, Pompei was completely covered in a thick layer of ash from the volcanic eruption. This layer of ash has made Pompeii one of the best preserved Roman cities. Take a tour through the excavations of Pompeii and visit special places such as the forum, the center of the city, the amphitheatre, several bathhouses or one of the many temples of Pompeii. You can easily spend a day wandering between the excavations.


After a visit to Pompeii, a visit to the adjacent Vesuvius volcano should of course not be missed. The national park of Vesuvius is easy to visit from both Naples and Pompei. With a bus you can be brought up to a kilometer away from the crater, after which you can take a strenuous walk towards the crater mouth. The other reward you will have at the end of this tour is a magnificent view of Naples and the surrounding area.

The Castles of Naples

The city of Naples ville has a number of striking castles. On top of the Vomero mountain you will find Castel Sant Elmo. The Funicolare di Montesanto (cable car) takes you quickly to the top of the mountain to visit this castle. From Castel Sant Elmo you have the most beautiful view over the city of Naples. Combine this visit with the Certosa di San Martino monastery, known for the beautiful courtyard of the Carthusian monastery. Further along the coast is the imposing Castel dell'Ovo. This 'egg castle' is located in a strategic position on the Bay of Naples. The third castle is Castel Nuovo, which is impressive from the outside, but you can skip the inside.