Being a MAN Means Fighting For What You Believe In

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Being a man. What does it mean? To me, Being a man means many things. It means fighting for what you believe in. It means going for what you want. It means believing in yourself as well as your abilities. It means speaking the truth. IT means being the aggressor. To many of us, “being a man” means different things to different folks. I’m going to write this series of articles to try and cover – what I believe – are universals truths about what “Being a man” should mean to all of us. All of us men, that is. Sorry ladies, this article is just for the boys!

Now, when I say “being a man” (or rather, when THEY say it…) .. what does that actually mean? Obviously you’ve got a penis if you’re a man. But so what? What else? How do you know when you’re “a man” based on that definition? Do you just have to look between your legs and decide? What about if you look in the mirror – could you tell then? I think you should be able to. When you’re with a woman, you should feel like a man too. But once again – what makes you feel this way? How do you quantify it? What’s the purpose of “feeling like a man?” 

For me, being a man means:

-Fighting for what you believe in.
-Speaking the truth
-Pursuing your life’s purpose
-Being a protector

Why is this important? Because as men, our ability to persevere has been responsible for nearly every great thing that man as accomplished. Can you imagine what our history would be like if everyone at ever moment of tribulation – just gave up? Didn’t follow through? Didn’t pull the trigger?

Winston Churchill vs the Nazi’s. That was a pretty bad spot to be in. The germans had the most advanced and powerful army during that time. Did Churchill wuss out? Helllllls no! If he had, this might have been a very different planet we’re living on.

Steve jobs: He got kicked out of his own company, Apple way back in 90’s. Pretty bad right? Lost his OWN COMPANY. Did he quit? Did he go home and cry to his mama? No – he started another company, built it up from the ground and turned it into a multi-million dollar market leader – then bought back apple and went on to turn it into one of the most influential companies of the early 21st century.

My grampa: Yea, check this out. My own grandfather on my mom’s side approached my grandmother on a beach. Apparently, she turned him down. Like, completely turned him down. You think he stopped there? HA! He just get it at till eventually she relented and agreed to go on a date with him. How’s this for intense: If my grandfather hadn’t persevered – I wouldn’t have even been born and you’d be reading a less awesome article right now! :P

All of these guys have one thing in common. Perseverance. Winston Churchill could have surrendered to the Germans. That would have been easier. Did he take the easy way? THANK GOD NOT! We very well might have lost the war. Steve Jobs COULD have quit. If so, Apple wouldn’t have gotten to where it is today. No i-pods, air-macs or ipad’s. IT would have been a different world.

What about Mohammad Ali? He was world champ – went to JAIL for 5 years for avoiding the draft. Did he quit boxing?? Did he get a job as a Dishwasher? No – he became THE GREATEST! His legacy is one of the most powerful lessons about what it means to be a man. His unshakeable belief in what he believes in lead to him beating the system and becoming the most famous boxer of all time.

And, my very own grampa. He could have just taken that rejection .. he could have just though “it’s ok, I’ll just go and jerk off into a laundry basket. She wasn’t that hot anyways. MAh… she’s a BITCH!” … NO! He persued that woman until she let him blow his load all over her face. He probably unloaded on her so much she was walking around like “thriller” for weeks. (That’s funny – just imagine my grandma running around with his load all over her face)

What makes men MEN – is that we can fight. Not just physically that we are in a position to fight. But – internally – we are FIGHTERS. We’ve got the fighting spirit. We’ve got the aggression. We are TIGERS. WE ARE FIGHTERS!!! That’s what being a man is all about. The fight. But not any fight. Just fighting for the sake of fighting is foolish. The fight must be for that which there is no other choice but to fight. The fight must be – for all of us – for whatever we believe in. IF you’re not going to fight for your beliefs, who’s going to? Your mummy and daddy? Your government? Your girlfriend??

No – You must fight for what you believe in. Not just because it is the right thing to do – but because you’re a man. And that’s what we do. Standing up for yourself (And your beliefs) is ATTRACTIVE.

Now, what prompted me to write this article? Partly because I’ve realized there aren’t that many great resources out there that really point men in the right direction. I knew this was something that needed to be written. But also, I saw a trailer for a movie that I know talks about THE TRUTH. And speaking the truth is another factor (and another article) in this series…. So It drove me to write this.. and now here you are reading it. Because as man… I had to write it!