DSB550 Rubberboat

Geplaatst op 11-05-2022

Categorie: Hobby en vrije tijd

We are approaching a time when we can expect a somewhat more pleasant temperature. So it looks like we're going to exceed 20 degrees for the first time this year in May. Especially when the sun is shining, it can be very pleasant to sail in a boat. But what type of boats are there?

There are many different boats, this article will limit itself to the motor boats that we often see for rent. Think of sloops, aluminum boats and dinghies. When people think of rubber boats, people quickly think of a simple small rubber boat. However, there are also inflatable boats that are used professionally. Think, for example, of the rubber boats that are used by the rescue brigade on the open sea. The police also deploy rubber boats, which are extremely fast and agile with the powerful engines behind them.

In the past, during the Second World War, rubber boats were also used in the war to transport soldiers. Boats that were used for this in the Netherlands was the DSB550. This 550cm dinghy (hence the name) was suitable for moving 10 soldiers in their full equipment from A to B. These dinghies are still in use, which shows how robust they are made!

Rubber boats are also extremely suitable for fun, the fact that the boats are made of rubber air chambers makes it very quiet for drivers. If there is a danger against something, this will have no consequences. In addition, the DSB550 can be comfortably furnished with cushions. This makes the boat not only practical, but also very comfortable.

With a capacity of 8 people per boat, you can also choose to set out with a group with several boats. This can make a very enjoyable group outing. Click here to see more information about renting a DSB550 boats and group activities with the boats.

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